September 30, 2023
ஆய்வுக் கட்டுரைகள்

Donate to seek the support of the Premier of Ontario regarding the Tamil Genocide Bill? An invitation on behalf of MPP Vijay Thanigasalam!

Should the Premier’s support for Bill 104, Tamil Genocide Education Week Act, 2019 – Ontario be paid for? Or should it be bought? 

A recent invitation regarding the same has been made on the behalf of Vijay Thanigasalam MPP, requesting the Tamil people to donate for the cause. 

Today (11th of March) Vijay Thanigasalam, MPP arranged a meeting with Premier Doug Ford. The hour-long virtual meeting organized by the Ontario PC party was titled “An intimate conversation with PC Leader Doug Ford. This event had an admission fee of a thousand dollars per person. 

While it is customary for political parties to host such events as fund-raisers, the announcement around this particular event was a matter of concern among Tamils. 

This was the invitation made on behalf of Vijay Thanigasalam, the Tamil MPP from Scarborough-Rouge Park: 

The fund-raising event can and will supposedly win the support of the premiere for the Tamil Genocide Bill. Besides, it will apparently help the Tamil community in the long run; that is, by donating a thousand dollars and expressing our support, we can urge the premier to pass the Tamil Genocide Bill. 

Isn’t this a form of indirect bribery? 

If the support of the Premier is to be won through fund-raising, was Premier Doug Ford not speaking the truth when he projected himself as a friend of the Tamils? Was is an eye-wash when a video of the premier, where he offered his support of the bill to a select section of the Tamil “medias” and “journalists”, was trending recently? 

If the support of the Premier can only be won through donations, why should two members of the provincial parliament be elected to represent the Tamils? 

Isn’t the Premier of a province supposed to be acting in the best interests of the people (irrespective of whom they voted for)? 

Does the Premier and his office have any knowledge about this issue (donation to support the bill), and if so, are they a part of it? 

How much longer are you going to use the Genocide perpetrated against Tamils in the past and even ​​today for your political mileage? 

Issues like these set dangerous precedence, as the reality is for the Tamils to work in unity irrespective of their political support. How long will a person use the Tamil genocide as a trump card for his selfish political gains and be on the Premier’s good books? 

             Lankathas Pathmanathan 

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